Welcome to Competition Auditions 2019!


New to competition?

Join Heather and Heidi for an informative Q/A to help answer all your comp questions and relieve any nerves you have about auditioning for our team.  We’re looking to grow our younger teams and would love to explain more about this opportunity to you.  Hope to see you there!

Informational Meeting Tuesday June 25th from 6-6:30



Competition Auditions Thursday, June 27th

Dancers interested in audition must preregister through the customer portal for their audition time.  All dancers must audition for all dance styles offered for their age group.  In addition to the auditioning fee each dancer must register and pay for 1 week of boot camp to audition.

Dancers should be dressed appropriately for each style of dance.

Dancers wishing to audition for a solo should select their own music and choreograph a short 32 count combo. 

Audition Fee: $30.00 per dancer $50.00 family cap. 


Ages: 4-6 no audition/come to our meet and greet meeting


Ages 7-12
2:00-2:15 Check In time
Must audition in all styles

Ballet 2:15-3:00
Jazz/MT 3:00-3:45
Tap 3:45-4:15
Hip Hop 4:15-4:45
Lyrical/Contemporary 4:45-5:30
Solo Audition for those interested in competing a solo 5:30-6:30


Ages: 13 and Up
Must audition for all styles
5:45-6:00 Check In Time
Ballet 6:00-6:45
Jazz/MT 6:45-7:30
Hip Hop 7:30-8:00
Tap 8:00-8:30
Lyrical/Contemporary 8:30-9:15
Solo 9:15-10:00

Boot Camp

July 22nd-25th
August 5th-8th
Cost: $115.00

Dancers wishing to compete must be enrolled in one of the above weeks.  Each week of boot camp includes 12 hours of training and conditioning. 


Mandatory Choreography Weeks
August 26th-30th
September 2nd-7th


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