Welcome to Competition Auditions 2017-2018

General Information

• Competition is not recommended if a dancer has not trained in ballet for 2 consecutive years.
• No placement is guaranteed, and everyone must audition.
• For any dancer who does not make the competition team this year, please do not feel discouraged. We encourage you to take a few extra technique classes this season to build your skills for next season.
• Remember it is not our policy to encourage competition for dancers 13 and older who have never competed before….
• All dancers (and parents) accepted to the competition team must sign and abide to a competition contract.


Solo Opportunities

--Dancers who are advanced in their skill will be offered a solo
--Must make constant growth throughout season, receive critiques well and apply them.
--Solo dancers must meet certain minimum requirements (a few are listed below)

Young- personality, smile, performance factor, single pirouette,
Building technique

Junior- Proper technique, Clean double pirouettes, Straight legs
on battements and Jetes, Execute clean sounds in tap,
proper weight distribution, proper body alignment…

Teen- Proper triple pirouette, a la seconde turns, Emotional Commitment, strong technique, effective use of plié, Strong jumps

--Returning Soloists who are receiving the same adjudication and not making improvements should focus on technique and extra classes this season and take time to gain more skills.


Audition Details

Who's getting ready for auditions? Wednesday, June 28th!

Dancers wishing to audition for a solo, duo or trio should prepare a 32 count combo to one of the following songs. Any part of the song can be used.  These dancers should be able to take constructive criticism and apply the corrections in a timely manner.  Interested soloist should have at least two years of competitive dance training before auditioning for a solo.  Dancers should arrive for the audition time that is of interest(s) to them. Come and audition for as many styles of significance (within the age bracket) for the one fee of $30.
(Birthday as of June 1,  2017)


Auditioning for a Solo/Duo Trio Self Choreography Song Choices

“Shape of You” by Daniel Jang
“Move Your Feet” from Trolls Soundtrack
“Faith” From Sing Soundtrack
“First Things First” Pentatonix
“Rise up” Andra Day
“Better Place” Rachel Platten

Register Ages 4-6
Ages 4-6 2:30-3:15 Jazz & Tap
Register Ages 7-11 2:45- 3:30
Ages 5-11 Solo Auditions 3:15-4:00
Ages 7-11 4:00-4:45 Tap
Ages 7-11 4:45-5:30 Jazz / Musical Theater/Hip Hop 
Ages 7-11 5:30-6:15 Lyrical/ Contemporary

Register Ages 12-18 5:30- 6:15
Ages 12-18 6:15-7:00 Jazz/Musical Theater/Hip Hop
Ages 12-18 7:00-7:45 Tap
Ages 12-18 7:45-8:30 Musical Theater 
Ages 12-18 8:30-9:15 Lyrical /Contemporary 
Ages 12-18 9:15-10:00 Solo Auditions 


Boot Camp   July 24th-27th or August 21st-24th         Cost $ 115.00

Dancers (Excluding Itty Bitty) must be paid and registered for a boot camp to audition. Each Boot Camp offers 12 hours of training and conditioning.

Click for audition details in PDF format.


Competition News: We do offer to all our students the excitement of competing. Any dancer over the age of 5
is allowed to compete. In addition to taking 3 classes a week, one must be ballet (this includes a combo or intermediate
combo class. Dancers (10 and older) must also be enrolled in a stretch and conditioning class. Anyone who wishes to
compete must enroll in at least one weekly intensive summer program held in August.


Competition Memories!



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