Competition Contract 2010 - 2011
Students must take at least 3 classes a week, one of which must be ballet.  In addition a technique master Ballet class is required for all competition dancers.  Attendance to master classes is mandatory.  Master Classes are held on Saturdays, once a month.  Also, dancers 10 and older will need to participate in either a Stretch & Conditioning Class, or a Barre Technique Class.  Alll competitive dancers need to attend 1 out of the 2 seminars held over the summer.  There will be no exceptions.   

Wednesday    5:30-6:30      
Stretch & Conditioning     

Saturday        9:15-10:00     
Stretch & Conditioning 

Tuesday         5:45-6:30       
Barre Technique

Placement: The directors reserve every right to transfer a student to and from classes.  Not everyone may compete their first year.  It is up to the teachers to decide who is and who is not ready.  If one is not competing their first year, they are still expected to participate in full with classes and must attend the competitions to support their team.   All dancers will be placed accordingly after the audition process on Sunday, September 12th. 

Attendance policy:  Students will not miss more than 5 scheduled competition practices throughout the season.  Attendance is crucial to move the dancers along together and create successful routines. When dancers have frequent unexcused absences they directly affect the entire progress and moral of the class. Therefore, failure to abide by this policy will result in disqualification of the competition program, and the dancer will not be allowed to perform the routine.

Competition Fees: Must be paid one month prior to the competition.  Please check the website and the message board in the waiting room for an up to date fee schedule. If fees are not paid, students will forfeit their spot at that competition. HHDA will not register any dancer for competition who has not paid the entry fees.  Fees are usually no more than $30.00 per entry per dancer required by the competition venue.  Solos, duos and small group fees are more expensive.  HHDA has no control over the entry fees. Refunds will only be given if the competition refunds the studio. Please inquire about payment plans.

Costumes: Will be picked out in early October.  Costume costumes range between sixty and seventy dollars.  Costumes must be paid in full by Saturday November 7, 2009. Costume price for competition will include a pair of tights.  Camisole leotards (liners) will be required for all competition dancers.  Also all dancers must purchase earrings and any accessories required for the dance. At times a dance may require a new or different shoe so please be aware that in addition to the costume there may be a new shoe cost as well. 

Warm Up-Suit: Students must purchase a warm up suit to be worn to and from all competition.  Competition jackets are around fifty five dollars.
Fundraising: Competition can get expensive; therefore fundraising will be made available and asked that all competitive dancers participate in all fundraising events.  Fundraising ideas are always welcomed.  

General: HHDA will choose competitions that are fair and organized, with well know reputations.  Please check the competition information board located in the waiting room, and the web page for the most up to date information regarding the competition season.   

HHDA and the competition venue are not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items, or for any injuries that may occur.  Please don’t leave any valuable items in the dressing rooms. 

We know these policies are demanding, but the competition season requires commitment and dedication.  We look forward to a wonderful and fun competition season.   By signing this contract you agree to follow the policies of HHDA’s competition teams.  Please make your dancer aware of these teams and commitments. 

We look forward to another dynamic and amazing season!

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