Rules and Policies 2011

Handbooks are available to all customers at the time of registration and at registration every parent must sign a contract that states you have read and agreed to the policies and rules of the studio. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. H&H are readily available through email or the studio phone. All phone calls and emails will be returned as soon as possible.

• It is up to you to make sure your dancer participates in their class. To ensure progress and compatibility among dancers, students must attend their classes. If a child is excessively absent, they may not be able to participate in the recital. Please understand that in order to instruct proper dance technique, participation is mandatory.
• Refunds will not be given for any missed classes; however make-up classes are available until April.

Class Placement
• Is determined by the directors based on ability, previous dance experience (if any), and age. HHDA reserves that right to transfer students to a different level after an evaluation from the teacher and the directors. If a move needs to be made, it will always be in the best interest of the dancer.

Community Involvement
• HHDA feels that it is important to be active in the community. Students who wish to perform in the chain of lights and town events should join our Performance Teams. Performance Teams are for children 5 and up.

Competition Opportunities
• Students must take at least 3 classes a week, one of which must be ballet. In addition a technique master Ballet class is required for all competition dancers. Attendance to master classes in mandatory. Also, children need to take a stretch and technique class or a barre class once a week. All competitive students must have participated in our summer competition camp to be eligible
for competition this season. Please review the full policies on the competition homepage. Students and parents interested in competing must sign and abide to a competition contract.
• A competition show will be held in June (TBA) for all competition routines and senior soloists. Tickets to this event will be $5.00 and all are welcome to come.

Competition Teams
This is available for the more serious dancer. Children interested in competition must have attended one out of the two comp seminars that were held over the summer. These children also have to take either a stretch and ballet class or a barre technique class in addition to a master class held once a month on Saturdays. Competition is demanding; however the confidence the dancers gain is priceless. Here at HHDA we do not express the trophy to be won. Instead we encourage dancers to do their best and have fun and of course “Own It.” For more information please refer to the competition contract.

Costume Information
• Costumes are ordered for the annual dance recital in the month of December. The first non-refundable $30.00 costume deposit is due by Saturday, October 9th. The second non-refundable $30.00 costume deposit is due Saturday, November 13th. Costumes will not be ordered, until deposits have been made. It is encouraged for those dancers who will have more than two costumes, to pay additional costume deposits throughout the season which will be credited to your account.
• Remaining costume balances will be made available to you by the end of January. Final costume payments must be made no later than Monday, March 21st. Once a costume is ordered, it may not be returned therefore no costume refunds will be made.
• Costume payments cannot be made in lieu of tuition payments.
• Costumes will be distributed to the dancers in April. When the costumes leave the studio, HHDA is no longer responsible for any mishaps that may occur.

Dress Code
• Dress Code is strictly enforced. Students should arrive for class 10 minutes before class is to begin in proper dress code. Please abide by the studio dress code and shoe policies available in your registration packet. All hair should be pulled off the face. No jewelry should be worn.
Read more for dress code requirements for individual classes.

General Rules
• H&H Dance Academy is neither liable nor responsible for any items lost, damaged or stolen. As well as any injury that may occur on the premises.
• Parents are responsible to check the studio information board in the waiting room for relevant information. Also a studio newsletter will be available at the beginning of every month. It is the only way to communicate, so please spend the time to read the newsletters. Please check the website for the most up to date information.
• Parents are asked to be prompt when picking up their children. Please ask your child to wait in the waiting room and not on the deck for their ride. Also no dancer is allowed in any studio unless a teacher is present.
• Please note: HHDA is a nut free studio. No food products will be allowed that contains any kind of nuts. We have several students with severe peanut allergies. Please share this information with anyone who will be picking up or dropping off your child. This rule will strictly be enforced for the safety
of all our dancers.
• A minimum of 7 students is required for any given class to run.
• HHDA reserves the option to use any pictures and or videos of the dancers for advertisement or performance purposes, which includes newspaper ads, and the web site.
• If a child has any medical or learning conditions that you feel we need to know, please inform the directors ASAP.

Observation Week
• HHDA believes it is important for the parents to see their dancers’ progress. Therefore we will conduct an observation period starting the month of January. All are invited and encouraged to come and support the dancers. View the schedule for Parent Observation Week.

Recital Information
• The annual recital is not required but strongly encouraged that all participate. Please be sure to inform the office, if your child will not be participating in the recital, no later than November 1st. Failure to notify the office, will result in an ordered costume and the balance will be added to your account.
• The annual recital will be in June and will be announced. Attendance is mandatory for anyone who participates in the recital.
• Recital tickets will not be sold to a family if all costume balances and tuition are not paid. Tickets will go on sale May 1st and May tuition must be paid before purchasing tickets. There will be a limited number of tickets sold per family until all families have received tickets. A waiting list will be created
for families who need more than the allotted number of tickets. If there are remaining tickets available we will sell from the waiting list. Luckily every seat in this auditorium is a good seat. Therefore, seats are not numbered.

Tuition Payments
• Tuition payments are due the first lesson of every month. Accounts that are not up to date will be subjected to a $5.00 late fee that will be assessed to your account on the 15th of the month. Accounts that are behind a consecutive two months, will forfeit their dance lessons until their account is up to date.
• All returned checks required a $25.00 bank charge fee.

Weather Cancellations
• For class cancellations due to inclement weather please check the website, as well as the studio voice mail, where a message will be left for you. All cancellations are posted by 1 o’clock. Cancellations are not determined by school closings. If the roads are determined safe before the afternoon classes, we will open.


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