H & H and their staff would like to thank everyone for another dynamic year of dance!  Your children have inspired us in so many ways.  Thank you for allowing the teachers to share their passion with our dancers.  They have all learned and grown so much!  We can’t thank you all enough for coming to our new studio.  It has been nothing less than a dream come true!  Hands down, we have the most supportive parents that anyone could ask for.   We are truly blessed!  Thank you all for your continued support at HHDA.   We look forward to seeing many familiar faces as well as new friends over the summer and in the fall.  Words cannot describe how appreciative we are to all of you. 

Much love!                       
Heather, Heidi, Jess, Cathy, Mel, Kate, Patti, Bea and Maureen


"Dear Heather and Heidi, How does one begin to express what a great experience we have had at H & HDanceAcademy?  As a mom, I thank you for creating such a wonderful atmosphere for the girls.  It is like a home away for home for them, they have a second family there.  There is such comradeship among all the girls, a respect for each other, and it is a place where they can be themselves.  Jessica cannot wait to get to dance each day, and she is still dancing around the house when she gets home.  The girls have made a lot of good friends as I know I have also.  Jessica loves assisting with the younger girls and she loves the responsibility you have given her.  You somehow always make time for the girls no matter how busy you are.  You greet everyone with a smile no matter how stressful of a day it has been.  The energy and enthusiasm you both have is unbelievable and contagious.  You have made a positive influence in our local community with the Holiday Dance Programs performed at the Senior Centers, Nursing Homes, and the Chain of Lights.  The girls enjoy the rewards of their hard work and have a lot of fun being a part of these programs. As instructors your dance technique and passion for dance has taught the girls so much.    You give them confidence and poise.  Jessica has grown so much these past few years as a dancer and as a person.   You have both been a wonderful influence in her life.  You have shown the girls that with hard work and dedication dreams really do come true." (Wendy Picard) 

"I have danced for nine years and so far my favorite times have been at H&H. The teachers and all the students are like family to me. The older girls consider Heather and Heidi like their second parents because they are constantly worrying about us. I'd like to thank them for being some of the best people ever and for having a studio where it is my home away from home."
(Cassie McGrath)

"My granddaughter, Rachel Wagner, was in your dance recital this past Saturday afternoon. I could not let another day go by without telling you what a wonderful job you did for your first annual dance recital. I've been to many recitals and by far this was the best.  Everything was superb, the costumes, the lighting, the music the dancers. The fact that it started right on time should have given me my first clue what a wonderful production I was about to see. The seamless flow of all the numbers was incredible. I cannot imagine how you will improve on next year's show, you have already reached the top but I will look forward to next year's production. Good luck". (Patricia Gardzina Rachel Wagner's Grammy)

"My daughter is nearly 6 years old and she absolutely loves studying with Miss Cathy.  Her favorite part of this year wasn't the recital or the make up - it was using the barre "like the big girls".  She can't wait to start jazz next year, and is excited to attend dance camp this summer.  If you're looking for a local studio to enroll your daughter (or son!), I would not hesitate to recommend H&H - all the teachers truly love these kids, and it shows in everything they do.  H&H, thank you again for taking this huge risk in opening your own studio this year - in doing so, you gave 300+ girls a second home!" (Amy Marr)

"THANK YOU - THANK YOU- Abigail & Emily had an awesome time at Dance Camp. Their crafts are hanging proudly in their rooms. It's great to have such a safe and happy place for them to go to. You always have a smile and a hug for them and they love that. You make them feel right at home. They can't wait for the fall classes to begin".  (Renee Chase & girls)

"Thank you so much for your wonderful studio. H&H is a very positive environment for anyone to take dance lesson. There is no question that this studio has first class dance instructors that know their stuff! Thank you for all the opportunities that you provide for your students. From dancing at nursing homes to food drives and assisting in classes, you help not only with dance steps, but also with building quality characteristics in the girls that study with you. Thank you!" (Donna Raposo)

"I just want to say thank you for welcoming me into the studio. I felt like family the moment I met you guys. H and H is a great studio for having fun and learning new things. I just want to thank you guys for making it a wonderful world for me. Thanks!! " (Gabrielle Raposo)



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