class descriptions 2023-2024

Creative Movement and Preschool Classes

A class that focuses on an introduction to dance. The class will develop motor skills, finger plays, creativity, coordination, creative thinking, group play, cooperative play and spatial awareness. Class will be thirty minutes of ballet and and fifteen minutes of tap including introduction of basic beginning tap steps. Dancers will perform two dances in the recital, with one costume.


A class that will focus on proper technique with focus on proper body placement and alignment, barre work across the floor and center technique. Tap will introduce introductory skills with a focus on creating rhythms and dynamics of sound. A warm up, across the floor progressions and center work will be completed. Kinderdance classes will perform two dances in our annual recital, with only one costume.


A classical focus mostly based on the Cecchetti method. This form of dance focuses on technique, terminology, and choreography. Class will consist of barre work, adagio, allegros, across the floor exercises, vocabulary comprehension, and focus on correct body placement, and alignment.

Pre Pointe

A class designed to help get dancers ready for pointe. Dancers are instructed on proper feet stretching and alignment through barre center and across the floor work. This class has no recital commitment.


Dancers are invited into the Pointe class. Class will focus on proper alignment, correct placement, weight distribution, knowledge of pointe shoes and work towards overall stability.

Lyrical Dance

Focuses on the combination of ballet and jazz movement as well as proper technique. Movement is used to express emotions. Class will consist of warm up, across the floor, combinations focusing on fluidity and connection to lyrics. Also explore the art of improvisation allowing the dancer to create their own movement.

Contemporary Dance

Focuses on the combination of modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet techniques. Strong focus on floor work, improvisation, and fluid movements will be offered in this course.

Jazz Dance

A creative dance technique that focuses on creating flexibility and strength providing energy for leaps, lifts, turns, isolations, and fast footwork. The class consists of center warm up, across the floor progressions and center combinations.

Tap Dance

An understanding of creating intricate footwork that marks out precise rhythmic patterns on the floor focusing on musicality and timing. Class consists of warm ups and center progressions, across the floor combinations and choreography. This class encourages dancers to use and find the beats in the music.

Hip Hop

A high-energy style of dance that plays age appropriate music. Children will learn confidence in creating fresh, funky moves including locking, popping, freezing and breaking. Class consists of center warm up, across floor movement and combinations.


While moving freely through space dancers explore an innovative and creative dance form in a structured class environment. Core strength is developed through extensive center floor warm up and across the floor exercises focusing on the techniques of Horton, Limon and Dunham.


A combination of jazz technique and the precision and athleticism of acrobatic movement. This class will increase a dancers core strength, flexibility and tumbling skills.

Musical Theater

A study of Broadway dance and other dance styles to create a fun and energetic class. Acting and jazz movements will be included along with a jazz stretch and across the floor progressions. This class will engage dancers self esteem and creativity while they enjoy acting and dance combined.

Jumps & Turns/ Stretch & Conditioning/ Dancer Fitness & Open Ballet

Are all mandatory classes for our competitive dancers enrolled in our competition program. These classes are designed to better all dancers through strength, stability and control. These classes are open to all with no recital commitment.

Rhythm Works Integrative Dance

Rhythm Works is an inclusive specialized dance class for people with individual learning differences and other special needs. This class benefits children with Autism, Down Syndrome, Sensory Processing Disorder, and other individual learning differences and physical challenges. It is a fun class based on a Hip Hop dance program. Classes are designed to use music, rhythm and purposeful movement to fully integrate the body and mind. This class focuses on skill development, self-empowerment and celebrating our differences.

Progressive Ballet Technique

Progressive Ballet Technique is a class designed to train muscle memory. PBT focuses on core stability, weight placement and proper alignment.

Ballet Conditioning

This class will focus on Ballet Barre as well as strength training to enhance core, back and ankle stability. Dancers will be able to take these exercises and growth into their traditional dance class.

Alixa Flexibility

This class is for any dancer looking to safely advance their flexibility. Alixa flexibility focuses on correct alignment to help protect against injuries as well as strength to control flexibility.

POP Pilates

This class is a dance on the mat that will work your core, upper body, lower body, cardio and stretching for flexibility. Sure to be a great time and fun!