Competition Results 2022

Elite Performance Challenge Results

Boy From New York City Platinum 1st Place Mini Small Group
Flo Platinum 1st Place Mini Large Group
Crowd Goes Crazy Platinum 2nd Place Rec Mini Large Group
Stompy Jones Platinum 1st Place Junior Small Group
Welcome To Mars Platinum 2nd Place Junior Small Group
Dancing My Way Platinum 3rd Place Junior Small Group
City Lights High Platinum 1st Place Junior Large Group
Am I Wrong Platinum 2nd Place Junior Large Group
Rosie The Riveter Platinum 3rd Place Junior Large Group
Beethoven Remix High Platinum 1st Place Teen Small Group
Wish You Well High Platinum 1st Place Senior Small Group
Missy Mix High Platinum 2nd Place Senior Small Group
Don’t Mean A Thing Platinum 3rd Place Senior Small Group
The Departure High Platinum 1st Place Teen Large Group
Turning Page High Platinum 2nd Place Teen Large Group
Proud Mary High Platinum 1st Place Supergroup
How Far I’ll Go Platinum 1st Place Rec Mini Solo
Good At Being Bad Platinum 1st Place Rec Junior Solo
Mr. Cellophane Platinum 1st Place Advanced Junior Solo
Come Together Platinum 1st Place Teen Solo
In The Embers Platinum 2nd Place Teen Solo
The Color Song Platinum 3rd Place Teen Solo
The History of Wrong Guys High Platinum 3rd Place Senior Solo
For Talon High Platinum 2nd Place Solo
Something Beautiful High Platinum 1st Place Solo
Special Recognition
You Make Us Smile”
Special Award Crowd Goes Crazy
Pretty Pictures Special Award Turning Page
Crisp and Clean Award Special Award Come Together

Diva Dance Special Awards

Future Star Award
Julianne “How Far I’ll Go”
Get Down With Your Bad Self “Missy Mix”
Too Cute To Boot “Crowd Goes Crazy” and “Proud Mary”

Judges Choice Award
“Stompy Jones”

Overall (OA) Awards

Petite Apprentice Solo
1st OA Julianne “How Far I’ll Go”

Petite Small Group Apprentice
1st OA “Dancing My Way”

Petite Large Group Apprentice 
3rd OA “Flo”
2nd OA “Crowd Goes Crazy”

Corps Junior Production
1st OA Proud Mary

Corps Teen Small Group
3rd “Beethovens Remix”

Corps Teen Large Group
3rd OA “City Lights’
1st OA “The Departure”

Corps Senior Small Group
2nd OA “Missy Mix”
1st OA “Wish You Well”

Corps Junior Solo
3rd Runner Up Ben “Mr. Cellophane”

Corps Teen solo
3rd Runner Up “Come Together”

Corps Senior Solo
8th OA Madie “History of Wrong Guys”
4th OA Madie K “For Talon”
2ndOA Sofia “Something Beautiful”

Overall Highest Scoring Corps Teen Routine of the weekend 
“The Departure”

Overall Highest Scoring Corps Senior Routine of the weekend
“Wish You Well”

Top Overall Highest Scoring Corps Small Group of the weekend
5th Stompy Jones”
2nd “Wish You Well”

Top Overall Highest Scoring Corps Large Group
5th “Turning Page”
4th “City Lights”
1st “The Departure”

Top Overall Corps Production Routine
“Proud Mary”

Team Adjudication

“It Don’t Mean A Thing” Sapphire Award

“Welcome To Mars” Ultimate Diamond Award

“I’m The Embers” Ultimate Diamond Award

“The History of Wrong” Guys Sapphire Award

“Something Beautiful” Sapphire Award

“Mr. Cellophane” Ultimate Sapphire Award

“The Departure” Ultimate Sapphire Award

“Boy From New York City” Sapphire Award

“Good At Being Bad” Sapphire Award

Beethoven Remix” Sapphire Award

“City Lights” Sapphire Award

“Come Together” Ultimate Sapphire Award

“Wish You Well” Ultimate Sapphire Award

“Turning Page” Sapphire Award

“Flo Ultimate” Diamond Award

“Am I Wrong” Sapphire Award

“Missy Mix” Sapphire Award

“Crowd Goes Crazy” Ultimate Diamond Award

“Dancing My Way” Sapphire Award

“How Far I’ll Go” Ultimate Sapphire Award

“Stomps Jones” Ultimate Sapphire Award

“Color Song” Sapphire Award

“Proud Mary” Ultimate Sapphire Award

“Rosie The Riveter” Sapphire Award

“For Talon”  Sapphire Award