HHDA follows the Millbury Public School Systems COVID guidelines.   All protocols are subject to change at any given moment.

COVID-19 policies

  • We will follow the Millbury Public School system in regards to COVID-19. Post-exposure quarantine is no longer advised, but there is still a mandatory 5 day isolation for those who test positive. Post-COVID return is still on day 6, with masking through day 10.
  • Parents, Dancers and all staff members will be required to sign off on a COVID-19 waiver and COVID-19 handbook upon registration.
  • In the event that we are required to close in-person classes per the state government or CDC guidelines, we will immediately transition all classes to Zoom.
  • Regular tuition and withdrawal policies will remain in place in the event of classes moving to the zoom format.

H&H Dance Academy Procedures & Protocols
for Students, Families, Faculty & Staff

Prevention Plan to Keep Our Community Safe

All Families must adhere to the COVID-19 policies and procedures and sign off on these policies through their customer portal account.
This handbook is for reference and is subject to change as the states guidelines and procedures are updated.

General Info for the Students

• Recommended to sanitize hands upon entering the facility.

• Bring a labeled water bottle to each class. HHDA does not have water fountains.

• We encourage using the restroom before coming to class. In addition students should arrive dressed and ready for class.

• Dances will keep their dance bag in a designated laundry basket inside the studio as their cubby space.

•  If your child has any cold like symptoms, please keep them home. There is no need to spread germs to other dancers. Make up classes are always  offered when your child is healthy.

• If a travel ban is issued, HHDA dancers and staff will follow the CDC Travel Ban requirements.

• The lobby will continue to stay closed for all parents. Preschool parents (1 adult per dancer, no siblings) will be allowed to help transition their child if needed into the waiting room area (not classroom)

• Older dancers who have back to back classes will be allowed to wait quietly in a designated spot in-between classes.

• Parents must be on time and will drop off/pick up their child at the assigned door listed in your customer portal.

• All high contact surfaces will be sanitized frequently.

• HEPA Air Filters will be used in each dance space.

• All Props and Mats will be sanitized.