Elite Dance Challenge Adjudication Results

Story Of My Life                                            Elite Gold

Tell Me About It Stud                                   Elite Gold

Lunch Ladies                                                 Elite Gold

Dreaming                                                       Platinum

Wicked                                                           Elite Gold

Someday My Prince                                      Elite Gold

Rotten To The Core                                       Elite Gold

Jungle                                                             Elite Gold

Super Hero                                                    Platinum

You Raise Me Up                                           Elite Gold

Stomp Clap                                                    Platinum

Tomorrow                                                      Elite Gold

Working In A Coal                                         Elite Gold

I Wont Dance                                                 Platinum

7 Years Old                                                    Elite Gold

Heartburn                                                      Platinum

Seize The Day                                                            Elite Gold

Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy                             Platinum

Pirates                                                            Elite Gold

About You                                                      Platinum

I See Fire                                                        Platinum

Fragments                                                      Elite Gold

Hallelujah                                                       Elite Gold

Feeling Good                                                  Elite Gold

I Didn’t Plan It                                               Elite Gold

Mad Hatter                                                    Elite Gold

Fire Under My Feet                                       Elite Gold

Do Your Thing                                               Elite Gold

What Do I Know                                            Platinum

Mystique                                                        Platinum

Ants Marching                                               Elite Gold

Don’t Hold Me Down                                    Platinum

When Love Takes You In                             Platinum

Nothings Real But Love                                Platinum

Home                                                              Elite Gold

Waving                                                           Platinum

River Deep                                                     Platinum

Doll Shop                                                        Platinum

Awoo                                                               Platinum

Absolutely Final Goodbye                             Platinum

Footprints in The Sand                                 Elite Gold

Easy Street                                                     Elite Gold

Na Na Na                                                        Elite Gold

Sound of Silence                                            Elite Gold

The Storm                                                      Platinum

Down                                                              Platinum

All Coming Back                                             Platinum

Off To The Races                                           Platinum

How We Do It                                                 Platinum

Strength Through Sound                             Platinum

Let It Go                                                          Elite Gold

Total Eclipse of The Heart                            Platinum

Game of Survival                                           Platinum

Gotta Get Thru This                                      Platinum

How Will I Know                                            Elite Gold


Over All Placements

Mini Duo/Trio

2nd Tell Me About it Stud


Young Small Group

1st Dreaming


Mini Small Group

1st Superhero

7th Jungle


Mini Solo

7th Aubrey “Rotten To The Core”


Mini Solo

5th Alexis “Wicked”


Young Solo

4th Ryan “I Won’t Dance”

6th Paige “Heartburn”


Young Duo/Trio

5th Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy

8th Tomorrow


Young Group

2nd Stomp Clap


Young Large Group

7th Working in a Coal Mine


Teen Solos

2nd Madie D “What Do I Know”

3rd Sofia “Nothings Real But Love”

7th Katie “Almost You”

10th Madie k “Don’t Hold Me Down”


Teen Duo/Trio

1st Awoo

2nd Absolutely Final Goodbye

3rd Sound of Silence

5th Easy Street

6th Na Na Na

7th Footprints in the Sand


Teen Small Groups

1st Off to the Races

3rd Down

5th The Storm

9th Mystique


Teen Large Group

1st How We Do It

3rd Waving

5th Doll Shop

6th All Coming Back

9th River Deep

10th Ants Marching


Senior Solos

9th Isabella “How Will I Know”

5th Hannah “Let It Go”

4th Mason “Total Eclipse of The Heart”

1st Kayley “Gotta Get Thru This”


Senior Duo/Trios

1st Strength Through Sound”


Special Award

“Breathe of Life”


Elite Team Invite

Ryan “I Wont Dance”

Reece “Hallelujah”



Gerber Tour Scholorship

Stomp Clap


Mason “Total Eclipse of The Heart”